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Name:Penny Broadside
Birthdate:Oct 16
Location:California, United States of America
Hi, I'm Penny. This is my fanfic journal. I'm on AO3 as faviconPenny Broadside, and I keep both a personal journal ([personal profile] jess) and a private speculative fiction writing journal here on Dreamwidth.

I'm relatively new to fandom and a notorious lurker. I'm also misanthropic and given to melancholy and alliteration, although I try not to practice the latter two in public. I don't usually comment unless I have something positive or substantive to contribute to a conversation. Even if I don't like a particular piece, I respect the creative impulse and courage it took the author to write and post it.

I'm pathologically shy about showing people my work, which I'm gonna have to get the fuck over if I have any hope of writing professionally. Please, please, try to remember what it was like to be a tender newbie and, if you find something that doesn't work or you simply hate in my writing, let me know. I may not agree with you, and I may not choose to act on your feedback, but if I don't know where my weaknesses are, I have very little chance of improving. Of course, if I manage to write something you like and you feel inspired to reward me with whiskey and cupcakes, that's okay too.

Oh, and this is an adult journal. There'll be sex, violence, kinky bits, naughty parts, filthy language and grown-up topics like love, consent, -isms, trust, commitment, spirituality, power, desire, class, fear, risk-taking, social justice, gender diversity, queerness and a whole slew of other stuff. So really, if you're not an adult where you live, come back when you are. That way, neither of us will have to deal with things that we're really not looking for, like trouble with the law, angry parents, or the unpleasant funk of skeeviness.

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